A land of fire and ice and everything wise....... After spending about a week in Iceland I was particularly impressed with the Iceland sustainability ethic. Apart from its stunning landscape and (ofcourse) the ethereal northern lights, Iceland possesses a culture of sustainability that’s embedded in many aspects of Icelandic life. How do they do it, … Continue reading iceland


To my moisturiser in heaven….

Let’s pour one out for the CSIF officers. Into the giant airport trash bin. Because you have to. They’re standing right over there, looking straight at you, and won’t let you through airport security with this 7 fluid ounce tub of moisturizer. It was a seriously an amazing deal when you bought it, like just … Continue reading To my moisturiser in heaven….

we have a natural chemistry

Fun Fact: Water is a chemical. About 70 percent of the human body is made up of this 'chemical' . So how can your skincare be free from any chemicals? Whoever or whichever company claims to sell products which are 'free from chemicals' are simply lying to you. There is a thin line of difference between … Continue reading we have a natural chemistry