To my moisturiser in heaven….

Let’s pour one out for the CSIF officers. Into the giant airport trash bin. Because you have to. They’re standing right over there, looking straight at you, and won’t let you through airport security with this 7 fluid ounce tub of moisturizer. It was a seriously an amazing deal when you bought it, like just … Continue reading To my moisturiser in heaven….


monday motivation: get your life together

Starting from today, ConsciouSal will begin its YOU series which focuses on the beauty, lifestyle and sustainable routines of ConsciouSal's lovely, accomplished, loyal and small community of readers. Submit your own on Instagram—post your Top Tip (tag me @ConsciouSal !) and include the hashtag #ConsciouSalPals for a chance to be featured on the blog. Today … Continue reading monday motivation: get your life together