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Morning Rituals That Changed My Life

-By #ConsciouSalPal Nirali Lakhani

When the deadly pandemic envisaged our lives with lots of unpredictability and fear in the year 2019, I, as all of us, had a lot of questions. Questions starting from basics like-What is a pandemic? What is a curfew, a lockdown or an emergency? How to protect ourselves? What are the possible precautions? To the intellectual questions like- What sections of economy will suffer? How to trade the FMCG products to the households? How to educate students? etc.

A minute one, but a question of mine was- How to maintain the human body staying at home with things closed down. My physical movement was nil. I felt the only action I was performing was feeding myself. As the year passed by, I got concerned. So, I started with the skincare. I used various homemade varieties that my mother and grandmother before so many years had suggested. How amazing was their skin! I started the haircare by drinking amla juice and applying egg yolk on my hair. Definitely, all this was rewarding but I wanted something that was soul refreshing. The contribution definitely goes to Yoga, workout routines on YouTube, herbs, healthy dishes, gardening, binge watch, WFH, etc. However, the golden part was missing- The morning ritual(s).

Morning has a great role to play in our lives. There is a special importance given to brightness in our Indian mythology. Though Greeks have time and again worshipped moon,  they worshipped the glow of that cosmic figure. They say, “The sun brings with it a new hope.” I realised the fact that with a new morning comes the new opportunities. So now my plan begins. I used to leave my bed at 5:30 AM though those silky sheets of my flowery blanket were magnetizing. Moreover, these thoughts of early waking seems ruthless in the winters.I used to freshen up and have an early glass of water after which I started my workout schedule. It was a rigorous 2 hrs I must say. All thanks to waking up early. I bath and easily moisturise myself to finally sit on my WFH chair to start the day with my cuties- my students. What’s news in this? Morning vitalises me. I can sit with my cup of tea in my verandah and enjoy the drink with the birds. I can absorb the maximum of Vitamin D. Though sometimes I felt bad to steal it from the “sleeping” world😜. I started writing. I developed thoughts and ideas that were once killed by me through procrastination. I was able to sleep peacefully for 8 long hours without a single point of regret.  We all understand the old proverb- Time is money. It’s literal version is we don’t have more than 24 hrs to do the things that we love. Time cannot be extended, we have to stretch accordingly.

Remember one thing. You can be a night person. I used to be too. But you cannot be nocturnal. The biological build of the homo sapiens as well as the norms of psychology teaches that morning provides us the highest energy and too much of inflow of absorbed glucose. Also, our systolic and diastolic pressures are the most normal during the morning. So, grab this deal and wake up early. To all those saying-;yayyyyy- We are partners. To the ones saying -Naaaaaa- I can feel you believe me but it’s gonna be awesome. Believe me more on that.

About Nirali:

Hi. I am Nirali, a teacher from Rajkot,Gujarat. Though, I believe as every woman, I too play several other roles in life. I warmly invite all my lovely readers and definitely I will be fascinated to write to you. Primarily, I want to convey that you are important to yourself therefore take care. My blogs will be a reminder if you are losing yourself, like all of us do frequently, to the humdrums of life. Thinking about your health, skin and hair is not an act of selfishness. It is wisdom! Thank you.

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