Slow Fashion Influencer

The year that will go down in history- 2020, is almost over (thank god for that), but it has taught the world a much needed lesson apart from words like quarantine, new normal and Covid of course! We have all learnt to survive, as a human race maybe not strive, but just survive and most of us have found solace in doing nothing. I for one thought this was “the” year I could start working on my blog again, but here I am, finally gathering the courage to type my first blog post in the last month of 2020! 

So, while deciding what to write I was sure it would be fashion!

I’ve had a rocky relationship with fashion (more about it later), but it is something I can express myself with. While thinking about what aspects to focus on while writing about fashion, I didn’t want to give any tips/hacks to be glamorous or be a fashion icon because it’s all out there and is it really important to dress up like a diva in 2020? Duh, I’ve literally lived in my pyjamas this year and I am not complaining! So one of the most important things 2020 has taught me is “less is more”.

Does that mean my blog will be about a series of posts about how to style outfits I already have in my wardrobe? No.

 I am going to write about:

  1. How NOT to turn up in a new outfit at every event. 
  2. How to avoid impulse buying. 
  3. My longest trip of the year 2020- the Guilt trip! 
  4. PPE friendly fashion (planet, people and environment) 😛 

Well, that doesn’t make me a guru- not even close to it. I am still struggling to organise piles of clothes which were clearly the result of impulse shopping, but I am sure if I can do it anyone who wants to consciously make a change can! 

And if all of this doesn’t already tell you about the inspiration of my blog then let me spell it out- SUSTAINABILITY- because Earth is the only planet which has a fashion industry!