monday motivation: get your life together

Starting from today, ConsciouSal will begin its YOU series which focuses on the beauty, lifestyle and sustainable routines of ConsciouSal’s lovely, accomplished, loyal and small community of readers. Submit your own on Instagram—post your Top Tip (tag me @ConsciouSal !) and include the hashtag #ConsciouSalPals for a chance to be featured on the blog.

Today seems like the perfect day to pick up some life habits you can/will actually keep up with. Calendar-wise, it’s perfect timing: At this point, New Year’s resolutions have started to make their ways in your journals—but before you get bummed out, please remember to start out small and put yourself first, always (#selfcare, #selfcare and more #selfcare) I’m very much into the real definition of self care, which prioritises self-preservation over marketing buzzwords. After all, sustainable habits require sustainable processes that’ll push you towards becoming your best self, and for me, The Best Sal is more organised, takes care of her skin, and can maintain an energy level that doesn’t leave her winded after walking up a slight incline. As with all good habits, it’s best to build slowly and steadily. I like to check in with a list to make sure I’m not letting life take me by the reins in my case my Taurus horns.

Start here, and embellish where it makes sense:

  1. Wash your face with cold water as soon as you get back home: though it might sound like a crazy lady hack in winters, but in all honesty I try and wash my face with only cold water once a day.
  2. Let my skin decide what it needs: to wear makeup or not to wear it, completely depends on my skin’s mood. If I don’t feel like layering or smothering my face with anything, I simply don’t (sunscreen not included). On days when I feel like taking my foundation, concealer, lip shades, etc out for a spin I do it in all glory.
  3. Never sleep with my makeup on: no matter which state of mind I am in, I don’t let it affect my makeup removing habit and I try to remove it as soon as I am home because the more I delay it the higher the chances of me sleeping with it. Micellar has worked wonders on my skin.
  4. Workout for 30mins a day (outdoors): Whether it is walking/running in a garden or at an athletic track, I make sure I complete my cardiac zone minutes (read more here) . Any high endurance activity will keep your hormones happy and your skin healthy. I have actually reversed my PCOS because of this habit.
  5. Keeping an eye on my budget and learning some financial literacy: Although I am no where close to my ultimate financial goals, I definitely feel more organised with my finances. I have started to educate myself about investments and I often try and break into financial conversations with my friends and colleagues. I get all my knowledge from Fincocktail
  6. Reduce, reuse and recycle: I can proudly claim I have bought less than 10 pieces of clothing and accessories this year! Rewearing and restyling my old outfits was my fashion mantra and I plan to stay on track and bring my shopping number down to 0 at least for a year.

Now give me my Gold Star and head to the comments to share your good habits of 2021!


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