we have a natural chemistry

Fun Fact: Water is a chemical.

About 70 percent of the human body is made up of this ‘chemical’ .

So how can your skincare be free from any chemicals?

Whoever or whichever company claims to sell products which are ‘free from chemicals’ are simply lying to you. There is a thin line of difference between free from chemicals and free from ‘harmful’ chemicals. There’s a list of harmful chemicals which cause havoc on your skin, body and the ecosystem, while there are certain skin friendly chemicals which are gentle on the skin and the environment.

Here’s a list of harmful chemicals and their harmless alternatives:

Parabens: a.k.a cheap preservatives in skincare formulations.

Alternative: Salicylic acids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate: The chemical responsible for the luxurious foam in skincare products. In the long run they can disrupt natural oestrogen levels in body, dry out the skin causing psoriasis or respiratory irritation.

Alternative: Castile soap based products or products containing coco glucoside.

Propylene Glycol: One of the most dangerous chemicals used in hydrating products (moisturisers). Long term use can lead to abnormalities in kidney, brain and liver. Also, this particular chemical can be found in paints and brake fluids.

Alternative: Propanediol is a natural moisturiser but the best part is it is sustainable and renewable (yea! win!). It is a top rated EcoCert ingredient.

This is only a small piece of information on clean skincare, there’s a lot more to it, but it is better to start small than to not start all, right?


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